The INWA 10 Step Method

INWA 10 Step Method Nordic Walking


INWA International Nordic Walking FederationBritish Nordic Walking is a member of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA), the global body that represents Nordic Walking in over 40 countries throughout the world. 

Why does this matter to us, to our instructors, and to our Nordic Walkers throughout the UK?

What is the INWA 10-Step method of teaching?

At British Nordic Walking we train our instructors to teach INWA’s original 10 Step Method, a tried and tested way of ensuring Nordic Walkers adopt the best posture and technique to get the most out of Nordic Walking as they progress through the Method. Developed by sports scientists and biomechanics experts, in conjunction with the development of ergonomically designed poles, this method of teaching Nordic Walking is recognised internationally. 

The 10 Step Method includes all the knowledge you need to teach Nordic Walking effectively and safely. No further fitness qualifications are essential to become a Nordic Walking instructor although you might want to consider adding the Level 2 qualification to your toolkit if you want to enhance your offering with other fitness activities. 

The INWA 10-Step method of teaching – it’s what Nordic Walking was made for 

Yes, that’s right. This technique of walking with poles was developed in 2000 and the term “Nordic Walking” was created specially to give a distinctive name to the activity as it is taught and promoted by INWA. The teaching technique is known as the 10-Step method and only INWA instructors are authorised to teach in this way. 

If you learn to Nordic Walk with an INWA/British Nordic Walking instructor you will be able to use the complete Nordic Walking technique that will bring you all the benefits that are attributed to the activity. No pale imitations with this method. 

INWA supports research into Nordic Walking 

There are many claims made about Nordic Walking and they are backed up by plenty of research from around the world. The INWA method of Nordic Walking is the one that is used in all the research that we detail on our website. Research into the benefits of Nordic Walking for a wide range of health conditions as well as for everyone’s fitness and mobility. 

The claim that Nordic Walking can burn up to 46% more calories than normal walking? It’s a bit more nuanced than that, of course, (the average result in the research was close to 20%) but the research that provided that result used the complete INWA method. Quality counts. 

There are Nordic Walking experts around the world 

As a member of INWA, British Nordic Walking contributes to and has access to a wide range of knowledge and expertise. Our annual convention allows us to share this and we can tap into others’ know-how at any time. This helps us to develop our own skill base and contributes to working on specialist projects such as that with Parkinson’s UK. 

It also means that wherever you go in the world, if you find an INWA instructor you can be sure that you are getting top quality teaching. 

All our instructors are qualified to teach this method which ensures that everyone that they teach will be able to get the full benefit of the highest standard of Nordic Walking.

If you want to train as a Nordic Walking instructor or are looking for a Nordic Walking instructor to learn from then, wherever you are in the world, look for an INWA instructor.

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