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As part of British Nordic Walking’s commitment to providing professional development for Instructors, we are introducing NORFit.

The aim of NORFit is to provide instructors, who are not trained as Fitness Instructors, with safe and easy to do exercises with their Nordic Walking clients. National Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Hamish Willis, will lead this online session.

Many of the exercises provide a whole-body exercise session. They are suitable for most clients and Hamish will show you how to make them easier and harder to suit your walkers. 

With greater emphasis now being placed of Resistance Exercises to maintain healthy bodies in later life, these exercises could be the only Resistance Exercise many clients will do, along with Nordic Walking.

"I found the course useful. The new materials really useful in are helpful in adding variety to my classes." Rachel. 

"The course was very informative and supported with handouts. Hamish gave great tips and answered questions and offered support beyond the session if we needed further explanation or advice with the exercises." Elizabeth

"This hour-long session is run online via Zoom. 


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