Nordic Walking gives faster results for losing weight than normal walking February 25 2020

Nordic Walking and weight loss

Nordic Walking is a more effective exercise tool for weight loss than normal walking, research from the University of Verona shows. The results suggest that Nordic Walking gives greater and quicker benefits making it useful tool to counteract obesity and overweight state in middle-aged adults. 

Nordic Walkers love being outdoors and their wellbeing benefits February 06 2020

Perceived benefits of Nordic WalkingSpending time outdoors is known to be positively associated with higher levels of psychological wellbeing so it is no surprise that recent research by Loughborough University into the benefits of Nordic Walking found that the opportunity to be outside was ranked highest of the perceived benefits of participating in Nordic Walking.

Sue and Arthur – Nordic Walking instructors who have faced health challenges and thrived January 22 2020

Sue and Arthur British Nordic Walking instructors

Nordic Walking instructors come to the activity for all sorts of reasons; often it is significant life change that prompts that choice. Arthur Frost and Sue Turford work as instructors at the Prestatyn and Meliden “You’ll Never Walk Alone” voluntary project and know this very well.

Parkinson's UK Nordic Walking project December 11 2019

Parkinson's UK and British Nordic WalkingBritish Nordic Walking is working with Parkinson's UK on a three-year project to introduce people living with Parkinson's to the benefits of Nordic Walking. Starting in the East Midlands the project will be expanded over the next two years.

Nordic Walking and Wellness November 20 2019

Nordic Walking and WellnessPreliminary findings from research carried out during 2019 into Nordic Walking and Wellness has shown some interesting results. An impressive 88% were in good or very good health which is higher than for the general adult population at 81%.

Nordic Walking; a personal perspective from National Coach, Arlene Bowmaker October 25 2019

Arlene Bowmaker National Nordic Walking Coach

My name is Arlene Bowmaker and among the many ‘hats that I wear’ in my working life are Nordic Walking Instructor and National Coach for British Nordic Walking. I thought I would share my journey in the Nordic Walking world so far, from that first free taster workshop at a Pilates conference, to be being a National Trainer in Scotland.

Nordic Walking and Healthy Ageing October 23 2019

Healthy Ageing

British Nordic Walking has become Signatory on the Consensus on Healthy Ageing in an initiative from Public Health England to help achieve a shared vision “for England to be the best place in the world to grow older, giving everyone the opportunities and support they need to have a healthy and good quality later life and making the best use of the strengths, skills and experience of older people.“ 

UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines recognise Nordic Walking October 03 2019

The UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines published on 7 September 2019 has recognised the benefits of Nordic Walking as a useful activity separately to those of ordinary walking.

Breast cancer and Nordic Walking August 20 2019

Nordic Walking and breast cancer article

A study, published in the European Journal of Cancer Care, analysed nine past studies about the benefits of Nordic Walking for women recovering from breast cancer treatment.

Alison Clarke talks about being a British Nordic Walking instructor June 05 2019

Alison Clarke British Nordic Walking instructor

Nordic Walking instructor, Alison Clarke, shares her knowledge, experience and keenness with other Nordic Walkers as a British Nordic Walking instructor.

British Nordic Walking featured by Countryside Jobs Service magazine June 03 2019

Rosliston Forestry Centre runs Nordic Walking sessions

Focus, the magazine of the Countryside Jobs Service, has featured our work with South Derbyshire District Council and Rosliston Forestry Centre over the last 10 years.

Calling Nordic Walkers in Scotland and the North of England May 08 2019

Exel Nordic Walking Challenge Event Scotland

We're keen to sound out what level of demand there is for running one of our Exel Nordic Walking Challenge Events in Scotland/North of England in the future. Your help completing this shirt survey would be very much appreciated.

Public Health England recommends Nordic Walking July 05 2018

We are so pleased to see the announcement on 4th July that Public Health England now recommends Nordic Walking.  Our CEO Catherine Hughes presented to senior managers working in public health at one of their CPD days in 2013 delivered by Durham University.  There are so many benefits to health, fitness and wellbeing in taking up Nordic Walking that we can't fit them all in here.  If there is a particular subject area you are interested in, go to the course of research information gathered from around the world on INWA's website INWA research papers.

Our instructors have seen many people benefit from Nordic Walking over the past ten years or so.  

If you've not tried Nordic Walking before, book a lesson with with an INWA instructor here.

Nordic Walker completes 100 parkruns May 05 2018

Colwick parkrunner Louise Third MBE, a Nordic Walker and breast cancer survivor who recently joined the 100 Club, tells us why this form of exercise is a much more vigorous workout than normal walking and how to get involved.  Read her story here.

Exel Nordic Walking Challenge Events April 21 2017

Not long now, to our first Exel Nordic Walking Challenge Event for 2017.  We'll be Nordic Walking around the beautiful Wollaton Park in Nottingham, home to Batman's Gothic manor, Wayne Hall.  

Nordic Walkers will be gathering on Sunday 7th May to take part in one of three distance challenge events and to meet their friends, old and new, who Nordic Walk across the UK.

If you've entered yet, please click on this link to book your place for Nottingham and any of the other three events we'll be running this year.

Wonderful Nordic Walking event in Wales July 05 2016

A fabulous day was had by 100 Nordic Walkers and a dedicated team of volunteers.  people had travelled from all over England and Wales to  join in the 5km, 10km and half marathon British Nordic Walking Challenge event at the end of June.

Nordic Walking challenge events are becoming increasingly popular with all ages, with their relaxed and sociable atmosphere.  This event even attracted five very keen children who excitedly Nordic Walked round the course, racing into the finish to accept their well deserved medal.  

Parents - if you struggle to distract your kids from their Gameboy’s, Wii, Nintendo or Xbox, why not introduce them to Nordic Walking?  It gets them outdoors, burns lots of calories and also teaches them important coordination skills.

Thank you to everyone who took part and make it such fun.  

If you would like to view all the event photos please visit


Fabulous Nordic Walking Festival In Nottingham May 22 2015

The Nordic Walkers were wowed by the beauty of Wollaton Park, the friendliness of the organising team and the amazing atmosphere of the Nordic Walking community.

The ages of the Nordic Walkers ranged from a family including a lady of 84 years young to a seven year old Nordic Walker, called Ben, who was determined to beat his mum and sister in the 5km Challenge distance. His mum Sarah had started Nordic Walking because she'd heard about the health benefits and soon after her son and daughter decided they wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Many people came to challenge themselves to either complete the distance or beat their previous fastest time and were awarded with a stylish medal. All participants enjoyed the chance to meet other Nordic Walkers from areas as far flung as Surrey, Corrnwall and South Wales.

Race Director, Catherine Hughes, thanked her large team of volunteers, without whom the event would not have gone ahead. To see the results of the event go to this page:  

To see some of the photos of the event click here.

British Nordic Walking Challenge Series 2015, 4 events, 4 beautiful parks, hundreds of Nordic Walkers... April 16 2015

The British Nordic Walking Challenge Series 2015 events have now been finalised. Four events, four beautiful parks covering four seasons... and literally hundreds of Nordic Walkers.

British Nordic Walking Challenge Series 2015

The first event kicks off in Nottingham at Wollaton Park on May 17th, then Cardiff's Cosmeston Country Park and Lakes for July 5th. To mark the end of summer we re-visit Lydiard park in Swindon on the 6 September and then in November we are just to the West of London at Black Park in Buckinghamshire.

Click on our events page for more information and details of how to book.

Choose between 5KM, 10KM or 20KM distance and enjoy these stunning off road Nordic walking routes.

We hope to see you at one or all of the Nordic Walking events this year!

Clare Balding picks up the poles with British Nordic Walking - Tune in to Radio 4 on Thursday 19th March at 3pm March 18 2015

Clare had never tried Nordic Walking before, but she willingly set off to Bramcote Park in Nottingham to join our National Coach, Dr Catherine Hughes, and her Saturday group for a lesson. 

We’re pleased to report that after learning the first five steps, of the INWA 10 Step Method, in only a few minutes, she was off around the park and really took to it. Her speed took us (and the producer) by surprise!

We told her about our Challenge Series, and had a bit of a race up the hill and back to the car park. She strode out with quite a purpose and really loved pushing on her poles. 

Clare was visiting a project that Catherine runs for people with learning difficulties and their carers plus other members of the public who prefer a slower pace. The class is like a lifeline to some of the group, offering a rare chance for the mums and daughters of the group to enjoy doing a sport together.

Clare took time to interview everyone, and she admitted she’d had a very moving experience listening to how Nordic Walking had changed their lives.

If you miss the show on 19th March it is repeated on Saturday 21st March at 6am or you can download the podcast later



Fascinating new research shows that your brain is capable of rejuvenating and regenerating itself throughout your life. According to John J. Ratey, a psychiatrist who wrote the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, there’s overwhelming evidence that exercise produces large cognitive gains and helps fight dementia. Exercise also helps to prevent age related shrinkage of the brain. Avoiding sitting and keeping moving  is the secret to aging well and Nordic Walking, with the added bonus of being sociable, is the perfect option. So next time you are out Nordic Walking remember you are not just training your body but also training your brain!

A Nordic Walking milestone: First to join the 50 parkrun Club November 21 2014


The 15th of November marked a first in the UK when a Nordic Walker poled her way around a Nottinghamshire course to become the first ever Nordic Walker to reach the parkrun 50 Club! Well done to Angie who completed the 5k event with a huge smile on her face and was met at the finish line with cheers and greeted by none other than the founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE.  


For more information about parkrun and to find one in your area check out: If you start now you could be earning your own 50 club achievement about the time Angie is joining the distinguished 100 club! To find a qualified British Nordic Walk instructor or group in your area, check out our locator

Winter workout tips November 11 2014


Old man winter is knocking on the door but that doesn't mean you should allow him to slow down your Nordic Walking! Continue to reap the physical and mental benefits of keeping fit while exercising outdoors by following the advice from Olympian Jo Pavey for winter workouts.  While her tips are aimed towards runners, they are just as important for all outdoor activities including Nordic Walking.  

Some of the highlights of the article include:

  • Stay hydrated. Many of us forget to drink enough water because it's cooler outside and the perception is that we sweat less. Keeping hydrated helps keep our energy levels up.
  • Choose the right equipment and layer up.  Shoes with the proper grip are important during these muddier months. Technical synthetic fabrics are usually better than cotton because they are thinner which allows for more comfortable layering and they also wick the sweat away from your body instead of trapping it next to the skin (no chafing!). 
  • Warm up properly. It may be tempting to rush through the warm up because it's cold out but it's still a vital part of the routine because it reduces the chance of injury.
  • Cool down.  Again the temptation might be to reduce the amount of time or even skip the cooling down altogether but it's important not to. End your Nordic Walk with an easier pace to bring down the heart rate slowly and stretch those muscles in order to reduce any post workout aches. 
What are your favourite cold weather Nordic Walking tips?  More information and pictures can also be found on the British Nordic Walking Facebook and Twitter pages.  



British Nordic Walking Challenge Series Swindon | The best yet! November 03 2014

They came from far and wide. Every age, men and women, individuals, clubs, from all over the UK and even Italy. What brought them together? Nordic Walking.

The office has been flooded with feedback today, "what a wonderful day, how friendly, how exciting", "like no other Nordic walking experience", "totally different to my usual Nordic walks".

Over 120 people took part in the Nordic Walking Challenge, either in the 5KM Nordic Walk, the 10Km Nordic walk or the 20 Km Nordic Walk. The back drop of Lydiard House and the park were stunning and added to the atmosphere. The course was really varied with grassy paths, woodland trails, lakeside stretches, a bit of mud and the odd shower of rain. The sun shone through for the prize giving. here are the results:


5 Km Nordic Walking Challenge distance:

Men: James Smith | 0:46:37.4

Women: Pam Lucas | 0:42:15.2


10 Km Nordic Walking Challenge distance:

Men: Alvyn Bysouth | 1:11:08.1

Women: Helen Evans | 1:15:10.8


20 Km Nordic Walking Challenge distance:

Men: Gareth Davies | 2:31:21.5

Women: Vicky Welsh | 2:32:52.4


Team Nordic Walking Challenge:

5 Km: Bristol Nordic Walking

10 Km: Oxfordshire Fitness

10 Km: Gemini Outdoor


British Nordic Walking this weekend at Lydiard Park October 31 2014

It's here! Lydiard Park at Swindon will soon be filled with Nordic Walkers!  First, the British Nordic Walking Instructors will gather on Saturday for the annual conference to learn all the latest news, techniques, and developments that they will then bring back to share with their Nordic walking groups.  Having had the opportunity to try out one of the new training exercises myself, I can promise it will be exciting!  

Then on Sunday, it's the 2nd event of the 2014 British Nordic Walking Challenge Series!  Which event distance are you challenging yourself with this time--the 5k, 10k, or 20k?  We are looking forward to seeing and cheering for everyone out on the course.  In case you forgot how much fun the Challenge event was at Bristol, check out the video put together of highlights from the inaugural event.  

See you at the finish line!