About British Nordic Walking Instructors

British Nordic Walking Instructors

If you are looking for a Nordic Walking group you’ll need to learn to Nordic Walk first! By choosing a British Nordic Walking Instructor you can be certain that you will get the highest standard of teaching from someone who runs regular fun and friendly Nordic Walking sessions. 

All our instructors are fully trained in the INWA 10-Step Method and have been rigorously assessed before being welcomed into the British Nordic Walking family. 

Our accredited instructors follow the British Nordic Walking Code of Conduct which ensures that they will be professional in all their dealings with clients, will teach the correct Nordic Walking technique and will run all their Nordic Walking activities safely. 

British Nordic Walking instructors are also accredited by the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) which means they operate by INWA’s five key values, followed by Nordic Walking Instructors around the world: 

Quality: the highest, practical level we can reach in education and behaviour.

Respect: respecting diversity of cultures, organisations, and people.

Loyalty: long-term, committed partnerships and co-operation.

Caring: helping to change behaviour and improve the quality of life.

Integrity: operating with honesty, reliability and honour.

International Nordic Walking Federation INWA values


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