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Outdoor exercise has become more popular over the past year - and not just because there have been far fewer restrictions on it than indoor exercise.

As people have discovered the benefits of exercising in the fresh air, British Nordic Walking instructors have seen a 30% increase in enquiries from new clients. 

Challenging times call for a new approach. Here’s why you should add Nordic Walking to your exercise portfolio, now and for the future.  

A great outdoor group exercise

Group of Nordic Walkers

From a recreational walk to some heavy duty hill training, Nordic Walking is a flexible way of boosting your clients’ health and fitness.

Match your teaching to your clients’ goals and preferences. Nordic Walking is suitable for any time of year, whatever the weather (unless it’s actually going to be dangerous, of course). And it is always possible to teach beginners and give technique sessions to experienced Nordic Walkers one-to-one. 

A whole body exercise

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Nordic Walking is so much more than “walking with poles”. As a whole body exercise, Nordic Walking burns 20-40% more calories than regular walking and uses 90% of your muscles to build strength and stamina. The technique can be easily adapted for clients with mobility or other health issues. 

Is a 40% greater calorie burn too good to be true? It can be achieved if you use the full Nordic Walking technique. Read more about the research here...

Easy to keep Covid-safe

Nordic Walking social distance

As an outdoor activity, Nordic Walking already enjoys a greater level of compliance with Covid regulations than indoor classes do.

We provide detailed guidance on how to run Covid-compliant classes – and Nordic Walking even comes with an in-built social distancing measure! 

And over 30% of our instructors reported an increase in enquiries after 2020's first lock-down.

Keep your current clients active

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There are many facets to Nordic Walking with something that can appeal to anyone of any fitness level.

Its focus on technique means it is sometimes referred to as “walking Pilates”; add in a tyre pull and some hill reps and it can be a tough workout. Use it for cross-training for your favourite sport or to keep things fresh for your clients. Keep it social or add in a competitive element - the choice is yours.

Reach new markets

Nordic Walking technique

Nordic Walking has a broad appeal and it is known for being popular amongst “non-exercisers”.

It can also be an effective form of physical activity for those who cannot, or do not want to, take part in other types of group exercise.

You could use Nordic Walking to reach a whole new client base, making more use of your working week. 

EMD Bursary Funding Opportunities

If you are based in England you could be eligible for the EMD UK Open Bursary.  Eligible instructors will receive £75 off the course fee.

How to access the funding, in 4 steps:

Step 1

Book your INWA Nordic Walking Instructor training course via British Nordic Walking

Step 2

Apply for the funding on the EMD UK website, uploading your receipt as proof of payment (as soon as the funding round is open) See here for funding dates

Step 3

Once you have completed your INWA Nordic Walking Instructor training course and received your certificate, email that to EMD UK – training@emduk.org

Step 4

EMD UK will reimburse you the funding amount – you can also then add your classes onto classfinder.

If you have any questions about the Open Bursary, please contact EMD UK on training@emduk.org or visit the EMD website open bursary page.

Eligibility for funding

To be eligible for this Sport England funding you must be planning to teach in England and hold one of the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing e.g., Exercise to Music (ETM), Aqua, Gym, Children's Fitness
  • Level 2 Group Training to Music (formerly ETM)
  • Level 2 Group Training
  • Level 2 (DFQ) Exercise, Movement and Dance
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Yoga OR 300 hours certificate
  • Level 3 Pilates
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