Subitha Baghirathan

Name: Subitha Baghirathan (in center of photo)


Company Name : Let’s Walk Bristol CIC


About me/us:

Let’s Walk Bristol offers free (subject to funding) and low-cost Nordic Walking in Bristol, prioritising:

Visibly minority ethnic people

Those living with health conditions, ideally referred by health/wellbeing practitioners (e.g. by GPs, mental health support/ community development workers).

I specialise in teaching NW to those who often don’t “see themselves” being active outdoors. For example:

Women wearing abayas and salwar kameez

People aged 60+ of Caribbean, South Asian, African heritages.

I also seek to encourage and empower those who have faced barriers in the physical activity sector to train as Nordic Walking walk leaders and instructors.

Let’s Walk Bristol’s instructor team is unique in its ethnic diversity: Caribbean, Chinese, Kenyan Indian, Sri Lankan, Somali and white British.


What’s on offer? What do I offer?:

See above. Free (subject to funding) and low cost Nordic Walking tasters; beginner workshops and courses; ongoing classes for ‘regulars’ in Bristol. Taught by an ethnically diverse instructor team, authentically representative of the communities we work in.


I also teach regular classes in: Pranayama Breathing; Falls Prevention/Stretch, Strength and Balance; Yoga asana. All classes prioritised for visibly minority ethnic people, spare spaces made available more widely.


Contact details

Telephone:  07721 711 687



Eastville Park, Bristol BS5 6QL.

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