Nordic Walk 1000 Miles

Nordic Walk 1000 Miles


We’re thrilled to be working with Walk 1000 Miles this year. We know it’s already popular with many Nordic Walkers and we’d love to help introduce it to more. It seems like a great challenge for INWA’s anniversary year.

There is so much support for everyone who joins from progress charts free with Country Walking magazine to email newsletters and the chance to share your stories, win prizes and claim badges and medals.

A thriving Facebook group is the ideal place to share your updates and give and receive support from a great community if walkers of all kinds.

You can log your miles on the progress chart or go digital and use your favourite fitness tracker or the online mileage logger on their website.

Get started at

If you post on social media about your challenge, don’t forget to use hashtags #Walk1000Miles, #BritNW and #WeAreNordicWalking.

What do our Walk 1000 Miles enthusiasts say?

Nordic Walk 1000 Miles Marcus

“This is my fourth year doing the walk1000miles challenge. It’s an awesome challenge that has pushed me to walk more, last year was my best I did 2013 miles, and this I hope to do 2020. The group is there they most positive, supportive one I’ve come across on social media! Yes that’s a 2020 buff, badge and calendar!!! 😁

Marcus Easterling



Nordic Walk 1000 Miles Lucy

“I started in 2017 too - Fly the Badge on every Nordic walk as attached to my bag (and patches rucksack for longer walks). Added the buff to my collection this year.
Have encouraged friends and Nordic Walkers to join - gives a great, visible, achievable goal for anyone and within a supportive framework too. FB group is a incredibly positive, inclusive and supportive too.
❤ Walk 1000 miles”

Lucy Crute Morris

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