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About me:

My passion for Nordic Walking is well-known amongst my clients.  I truly believe, from my 8 years of instructing experience, that NW is a form of exercise for ALL abilities and exercise outlooks, ranging from the ‘if I have to’, to the ‘let me at it’, and every outlook in-between. 

I don’t believe any other form of exercise gives such a complete range of benefits.  Using the whole body, not only is Nordic Walking great for your physical health, and fitness levels, but I believe it also can’t be beaten for its mental and social benefits, and confidence building too.  It fosters an amazing sense of community, and belonging, which cultivates a desire and enjoyment in taking part, so becomes a form of exercise you ‘want’ to participate in.

Our ethos at Poles Apart, is that ‘everybody’ goes at a pace right for them.  Competition is there, if you seek it, but there is absolutely no need to be competitive if that ‘isn’t you’.  Your Personal Best is enough.  Though just remember, some folks Personal Best can end-up being a surprise, even to them!

We have lots of testimonials, from our current Nordic Walking fold, that we can provide, just ask if you would like us to email them to you.


Myself (and Yvonne Gould, who works with me) are Accredited Nordic Walking Instructors. Holding the internationally recognised fully accredited Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Walking as well as a current Qualifications Network (QNUK) Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid (RQF).

Myself and Yvonne are 8 years qualified and 5½ years qualified respectively, along with the practical experience teaching and instructing Nordic Walking Sessions. 

What’s on offer? 

Beginners Sessions

Free - Taster Sessions                  - Try it out first!

Technique Training Courses        - Learn how to do it.

Trained Nordic Walkers

Regular weekly Fitness Walks (varying levels) - Keep practicing/improving.
Please contact me for dates and times.


  • Challenge Walks                            - Push yourself.
  • Challenges/Fundraising walks     - See what you’re capable of.
  • Adventure Walks                            - Go somewhere new.
  • Trips                                                - Fitness and Frolics.
  • 1-2-1 Training                                 - Focused on you.

Contact details

Telephone: 07586 456 682

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