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The Suffolk School of Nordic Walking @The Coddenham Centre    

Having spent many years travelling the globe as a professional classical musician, my body was beginning to feeling the toll. Sitting for hours in rehearsals or on planes and dragging heavy suitcases, I had a bad back, was overweight and exhausted, but loathed going to the gym, let alone running! Four years ago I discovered Nordic Walking and it has transformed my life ….and body.

In fact I loved it so much, I trained with BNW to become an instructor so that I could share the numerous health and well-being benefits with others.

‘Give it a go’ and find out!

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INWA ‘Ten Steps’ beginner courses (6 hours over 5 weekly sessions)

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Telephone:  Jane MacPherson on 07801 699786

Email:         nordic.walking@thecoddenhamcentre.co.uk

Website:      www.thecoddenhamcentre.co.uk/nordic-walking

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