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Dorota is based in Chester, Cheshire. Nordic walks: Grosvenor Park, Westminster Park, Delamere Forest, Llangollen, Shropshire Hills and other places.

What’s on offer?

Learn the correct technique of Nordic Walking!

If you have never dealt with Nordic Walking or you walk with poles but you are not sure if that is correct I invite you to Nordic Walking technique training based on International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) 10 steps teaching method.

  • basic course of 4 sessions for 60 minutes

The course will last for two weeks (two sessions per week), it means each new course starts every two weeks.

Nordic Walking poles hire free (12 pairs available) or take yours.

Some Nordic Walking sessions with music during warm up and cool down exercises.

I also offer regular weekly Nordic walks (best to join after completing the basic course).

There are 2 Nordic Walking groups:

  • sports group - improvement of fitness and slimming - place TBC
  • recreational group - regenerative or socialising walk, relaxation - place TBC

If you are interested in private Nordic Walking lessons or have any questions, please contact me

There are available:

  • 1-to-1 sesions
  • closed group
  • classes for 2 people

We will actively spend time in the open air with new friends :)

About Dorota...

Dorota is a qualified BNW INWA Nordic Walking Instructor.

My adventure with walking began when I was child and when I was a teenager I fell in love with the mountains. It was at the winter sports camp in the mountains. After that, there were constant trips to the mountains, trekking, extreme hiking, rallying, exploring the surroundings. In 2016 I became a British Nordic Walking Instructor.

Nordic Walking is an activity in the fresh air that contributes to improving our health and can affects different aspects of our life. Using the NW poles and correct technique of the walk will involve the working almost all the muscles of our body. Nordic Walking is a safe form of training and you can practice anywhere, in the area where you live, during business or private meetings, holidays. It takes only 30 minutes of intensive walking to oxygenate the entire body, strengthen muscles and produce happiness hormones. All of which is very beneficial to our family life, social life, business and work.

My Nordic Walking means No Limits. Why? Because in my experience it is not just a form of fitness or training. My Nordic Walking also means socializing, recreational meetings, geographical-cognitive walks or trips, therapeutic sessions, it is a time to rest and relax and be calm with nature.

It is my dream to inspire you to regularly walk with the poles so that your Nordic Walking can improve the quality of your day, impact a positive changes and influence that could bring much joy to your life :-)

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T:   077 30 42 53 81