Vicky Welsh - Let’s Walk Bristol

Vicky Welsh - Let’s Walk Bristol

About me:

I am a National Trainer for INWA (the International Nordic Walking Federation) and a health and wellbeing expert. I’ve been teaching Nordic walking since 2010 and have helped hundreds of people of all levels and abilities to improve their fitness, body shape, and wellbeing through Nordic walking.


I am currently helping develop an NHS and private sector funded Nordic walking wellbeing programme to encourage more people, particularly those from African, Caribbean, and South Asian communities and other people who are visibly minority ethnic, to improve their mental and physical health through Nordic walking. Visit for more information.


My book ‘Let’s Walk Nordic’ was published in 2022 and has been an Amazon bestseller in six categories. I offer private Nordic walking lessons and workshops and would be happy to answer any Nordic walking questions you might have.


What's on offer?

  • private Nordic walking lessons
  • Scenic walks in and around the Bristol area
  • Cultural Nordic wakling mini-breaks


mobile: 07958 581398




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