Training FAQs

British Nordic Walking Instructor training

I want to train as a Nordic Walking Instructor. How much experience do I need beforehand? 

We recommend that you have some experience of Nordic Walking before coming on the course. Find a local instructor on the Learn to Nordic Walk section of this site – all our instructors are listed here. If you cannot find one local to you, contact us and we can make alternative arrangements. However, we do accept trainees with no experience of Nordic Walking onto the course. If you don't have experience and are interested - call our friendly office team to discuss! 

What can I do with the qualification? 

Our Nordic Walking Instructor qualification allows you to teach the INWA 10 Step Method of Nordic Walking. You might run your own classes or do so for a local authority or community group – or a mixture. Lots of BNW Instructors add Nordic Walking to their existing businesses, whether they are fitness, health or outdoors based. 

Why should I do an Instructor course rather than just a Walk Leader course? 

As an Instructor you will know how, and be qualified, to teach the INWA 10 Step Method. This means you can train new Nordic Walkers or help to improve technique. You'll learn how to coach people to be the best Nordic Walkers they can be.

As a Walker Leader you will be able to lead walks attended by people who have already been taught the correct technique by an instructor. Our Walk Leaders work side-by-side with Instructors.

Where will the courses be held?

We hold training courses around the UK at attractive venues that allow classroom teaching and outdoors practical work.

What is my commitment to BNW after qualifying? 

Our Instructor Members can a fantastic range of benefits and your first year’s membership is included in the course fee. If you wish to remain an Instructor Member after your first year, there is an annual fee of £65 and you are encouraged to keep a record of how you are developing your Nordic Walking activities. Beyond this there is no additional charge to you, no hidden costs, and no prohibitive contract.

How many delegates are there on a course? 

We keep our courses small so that everyone can enjoy the attention they deserve and participate fully. There will be no more than 10 people on any course.

How do I book onto a course?

You can book your place online on our Book a Course page.

Specialist courses such as our Nordic Walking for Children course are only available to qualified British Nordic Walking instructors; we take bookings by phone for these. Call the office on 0115 848 3801.  

How much can I expect to earn as an instructor? 

Nordic Walking instructors typically earn between £30.00 and £75.00 per class depending on the numbers in the group and the charge per person. Generally Instructors set their charge on a par with other exercise and activity classes in the local area.

You can run as many classes or walks per week that you like and this will affect your overall earnings.

What sort of people join Nordic Walking classes? 

The joy of Nordic Walking is that it has something for everyone so you could get a wide variety of people in your class, from those who are looking for a cross-training activity to support their other sporting interests to people who have not done any exercise for some time – and all points in between. Don’t worry! Our course will equip you to teach classes of mixed ability and ensure that all your Nordic Walkers have a great experience and come back for more.


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