Sue Holden - Exe Nordic Walking


Sue Holden - Exe Nordic Walking

What’s on offer?

Learn to Nordic Walk Courses and Beginners Workshops, One-to-Ones and Technique Tweaks

Nordic Walks

  • On a Rapid walk, we walk faster, further and climb more hills.
  • On a Ripple walk, we walk at a medium pace and have breaks when climbing hills.
  • On a Meander walk, we go at your pace and stop more often.
  • On a Sensory Wellbeing Walk, we take our time, sitting when needed, enjoying time in nature.

About ....

Sue is based in Exeter, join Exe Nordic Walking to improve your fitness and wellbeing in Exeter’s local parks and open spaces.

New locations include Powderham Castle, Kenton and Exmouth Beach, Exmouth

Walks are easy to access by bus, bicycle, walking or car.

Contact details

Telephone: 07799 413237



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Courses held at King George V Playing Fields, EX2 6HE 

I look forward to meeting you, Sue


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