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I have been Nordic walking with my wife for some years and it has had a profound effect on my posture and I decided to train to be an instructor in June 2018.

In my twenties I loved marathon running and I taught Karate. It was due to a Karate injury that I ended up with foot drop, due to a nerve dying that supplied the muscle in my shin. This leads to trips as my foot gives way, due to the lack of muscle in my shin.

After extensive tests, it was found that nothing can be done, so I walk with a limp and look at the ground while I walk, which has led to bad posture.  I walked the Ridgeway and Greensands Ridge, back to back, last year for charity and that was 120 miles in total. I carried 25 kg on my back and there were some mammoth hills to climb, the Nordic walking poles were key to this. So, I may walk at a slower pace, but I can still walk the miles and I want to inspire others to do the same.

When I started Nordic walking I found that the poles helped me to keep my balance and look ahead. My posture is so much better it’s unbelievable to see the change.

I am involved in delivering social walks at the weekend and I am a slower than average walker, so I look after the end of the group and I am affectionately known as “Tail End Charlie”.

Many people accessing Nordic walking today have unfortunately got bad knees, back, ankles, hips etc to name a few. They realise the health benefits of the poles and know that Nordic walking can deliver the results they require if they start slowly and stick to a weekly session.

I work in a team with another instructor, so we can cater for all speeds. I take shortcuts, while they add loops. We get to take in the scenery and find lots to chat about.

Nordic walking works so well because whilst talking, your mind is occupied, and this often overrides any discomfort you may feel. This has a positive effect on your movement leading to a much faster speed etc.  Getting regular exercise is key to improving long-term and the poles will help you achieve this.

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