Pamela Walker



Pamela is based in Central Birmingham.


What's on offer?

Group and one-to-one instruction in central Birmingham parks and waterside areas

Guided, monthly weekend social walks followed by tea and cake

Gentle wellbeing walks to suit sedentary, older and post-operative

Corporate team building sessions

Avoid the crazy traffic home and join our ‘Anti-Rush Hour’ walks


About Pamela

My Story

I first saw Nordic walking back in 2006 whilst walking up the steep pathway of Krimml waterfalls in Austria.  I was in my thirties and couldn’t understand how and why pensioners were speeding past me with their fancy poles!   I felt both devastated and impressed!  Years later, after completing the health & wellbeing nutrition science degree and personal training qualifications, I began working with weight-loss clients.  Having spent a lot of time in commercial gyms, I had seen so many people join enthusiastically and then disappear after just a few months.  It became very clear that this environment is not for everyone so I decided it was time to find out more about Nordic walking.  The instructor qualification was a huge eye-opener and I love to share this knowledge with the ‘anti-gym’ brigade!  I no longer dread the colder months but love throwing on layers and can’t wait to get outdoors. This is huge news to everyone who knows me as Queen of hibernation!  I am currently undertaking the exercise referral course and look forward to motivating patients into improving their lifestyles.

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General Information

British Nordic Walking Instructors are qualified members of INWA, the International Nordic Walking Federation. There are Nordic Walking instructors all over the UK offering everything from Nordic Walking classes, Learn to Nordic Walk workshops, Nordic Walking days out, Nordic walking holidays, personal training, one to one Nordic Walking sessions, to community Nordic Walking groups. British Nordic Walking requires all its instructors to stay up to date with their qualifications so you can be assured of a positive experience with any of our Instructors. Our instructors teach using the INWA 10 step method of learning Nordic Walking, an easy to follow progression to help you master the technique of Nordic Walking. Many of our instructors are also Exel pole retailers and can help you to source and get the right Nordic walking pole for you

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