Nordic Walking and Parkinson's Case Studies

 Get your group Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking makes a good sociable activity so if you are already a member of a local Parkinson’s group, why not get Nordic Walking together?

There are British Nordic Walking instructors around the UK and you can ask one local to you if they would like to teach your group and lead Nordic Walks on a regular basis. Every instructor listed 4 walkers with Instructor Sarah McKrakenon this website has an understanding of how to adapt their teaching of the Nordic Walking technique for people living with Parkinson’s.

You can learn how to use the Nordic Walking technique to get the most out of it and there is no pressure – you can take your own time to learn and progress.

Your instructor will have poles that you can borrow and, if you really get the Nordic Walking bug, can advise you if you want to buy your own. Beyond that, there is no special equipment needed. You will just need clothing that is comfortable to walk in and walking shoes or trainers – make sure they are all suitable for the weather!

Your instructor will have their own insurance, be trained in first aid, carry out suitable risk assessments of your activities, and will know the best local walks for you to try. Most importantly, they will make learning Nordic Walking fun.

No Nordic Walking instructor near you?

That doesn’t have to be a problem. If one of your group, a friend, family member, or supporter would like to train as an instructor, British Nordic Walking has open instructor courses around the UK throughout the year. We’re happy to talk through the options if you would like to know more.

The great thing about Nordic Walking for people living with Parkinson’s is that it is something they can do with partners, family members and friends. They can learn together as a group and enjoy the activity in their own time with good company.

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