Lisa Duffin



Melton Mowbray, Rutland and Stamford areas.

What's on offer?

Lisa and colleagues at Nordic Walk It! offer a range of Nordic Walking activities:

  • Learners’ Nordic Walk workshops
  • Regular weekly Nordic Walking classes in Melton Mowbray, Rutland and Stamford, including Wellbeing, Walk ‘n’ Talk and Fitness sessions
  • One-to-one Nordic Walking lessons
  • Longer Adventure walks
  • Social activities and Challenges

Our regular weekly classes are every day of the week, including daytime, lunchtime and evening.

I run several classes in Melton Mowbray including a lunchtime fitness session, courses for learners of Nordic walking and walks in the surrounding area along footpaths or bridleways.  If there is something you are particularly interested in and it does not appear on the website, do get in touch.

About Lisa

My Story

Over the years I have been fanatical about different fitness plans: cross-country running, daily visits to the gym, swimming, etc. but all have fallen by the wayside once I grew bored or found it hard to motivate myself.  Nordic walking has not suffered from either demise.  I continue to find it therapeutic for body and uplifting for mind.  It has certainly improved my posture, core strength and fitness levels but just as importantly, the rhythm it allows you to get into as you walk makes me want to do it every day.  Walking alone with the company of the poles allows me to focus more on my surroundings and nature and I go further and am out for longer than I’ve realised.  Equally I enjoy walking in a group, meeting new people, and seeing how much they get from Nordic walking.  I’ve been amazed at all the new and beautiful walks I have discovered, even though I have lived in the area for years.

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General Information

British Nordic Walking Instructors are qualified members of INWA, the International Nordic Walking Federation. There are Nordic Walking instructors all over the UK offering everything from Nordic Walking classes, Learn to Nordic Walk workshops, Nordic Walking days out, Nordic walking holidays, personal training, one to one Nordic Walking sessions, to community Nordic Walking groups. British Nordic Walking requires all its instructors to stay up to date with their qualifications so you can be assured of a positive experience with any of our Instructors. Our instructors teach using the INWA 10 step method of learning Nordic Walking, an easy to follow progression to help you master the technique of Nordic Walking. Many of our instructors are also Exel pole retailers and can help you to source and get the right Nordic walking pole for you.


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