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Joe’s Nordic Walking offers :

Learn to Nordic Walk Workshops - Starter Classes

Group Nordic Walking Classes (Held at West Park, Long Eaton, NG10 4AA)

1-2-1  Private sessions to individuals or groups

Bespoke classes to help you manage the impact of stress.

Business Coaching and support to Nordic Walking Instructors to help them generate a steady stream of customers and grow their Nordic Walking businesses with less hassle, less stress and fewer headaches.  Find out more here

Joe Z Mairura

Allow me to start off by saying “If You Can Walk, You Can Nordic Walk “ That’s my guarantee to you.

I was introduced to Nordic Walking in 2014 and fell in love with it instantly.

I love the outdoors; and there’s no better form of exercise than Nordic Walking to enable you enjoy the outdoors. And what’s more? You can do that ALL year round

There’s something “magical”, a “soul connection” with nature, when you are cycling, taking a gentle troll or brisk walk, running or Nordic walking… an inexplicable “oneness” with nature 

I’m a former amateur cross country skier. I remember saying to Catherine my instructor, at my introductory lesson, “this is a bit like Cross Country Skiing”. I was soon to learn that professional Cross Country Skiers use Nordic Walking to maintain their fitness off season.

So after my introductory session, I took Nordic Walking like a duck to water; and haven’t looked back since. I’ve over these years taken part in Nordic Walking National Challenges and won myself an award or two!! 

Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to be a fitness or sport’s fanatic to enjoy Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is for everyone; young, old and anyone else in between. Irrespective of your level of fitness, we’ll soon get you walking-alone or in a group - and enjoying every minute of it too.

As a Trainer, Professional and Businesses Coach, and Business and Organisational Consultant, my focus and commitment is getting individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to operate at their best by helping them unleash their untapped potential. 

I bring the same approach to Nordic Walking; so I can help promote, encourage and improve your, physical, mental and psychological well-being. As a former clinician, nothing is more important to me than to help you enhance your all round well-being and wellness.        

I don’t just teach Nordic Walking, I walk my talk. I exercise regularly: running, walking and do yoga to help maintain my own physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. Nordic Walking is part of my menu of exercises. It enables me exercise every muscle of my body; giving me a total body workout.  We’re naturally engineered to walk. Nordic Walking just enhances the benefits of walking.

Without a doubt, I am and feel all the better for exercising regularly. So much so, that I have structured my personal and working day around my exercise regime.  It’s a great feeling

I know; it sounds odd; but it works!   Ask me and I will show you how.

I’ll end where I started; “If You Can Walk, You Can Nordic Walk “.

I currently run Nordic Walking lessons and walks at West Park, Long Eaton, on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:30-11.45 am.  For those early risers out there, we’ve got you covered (6:00-07:30) Just get in touch on: 07486 048157 or 07967 186870, if the above times don’t suit.

There’s nothing better to kick start those Endorphins, than an early Nordic Walking exercise

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