British Nordic Walking Event Rules

 1. Introduction

Nordic Walking is an activity that can be used for fitness development, relaxation, exploration, social activities, rehabilitation, weight loss, general enjoyment and competitive sport.
In order to provide a consistent structure and foundation for the sport, British Nordic Walking provides the following rules for the use of event organisers and participants.
2. Nordic Walking Technique
2.1 All entrants must Nordic Walk the course using the correct equipment
2.2 No ‘running’ or ‘bounding’ is permitted
2.3 Participants must ensure that at least one foot is in contact with the ground at all times in line with correct Nordic walking technique
2.4 Nordic Walkers must leave sufficient space between themselves to avoid collisions especially when overtaking or when going through narrow timing points near the start/finish
3. Event Entry
3.1 Entry is open to all existing Nordic Walkers who complete the required entry form
3.2 All entrants are responsible for ensuring they are capable of completing the distance of the event they select to enter.
3.3 Entrants participate at their own risk and accept liability for any illness, injury, loss or damage that they may suffer or incur as a result of entering the event.
4. Nordic Walking Poles
4.1 Only Nordic Walking specific poles may be used
4.2 Poles may be fixed length or telescopic
4.3 Poles must have a Nordic walking specific strap or glove system

5. Other Equipment

5.1 Suitable clothing must be worn for the event, including wet or cold/hot weather clothing
5.2 Suitable footwear should be worn (e.g. sports trainers, trail shoes) with a suitable off road grip.
5.3 Flip-flops and open-toed sandals are not permitted

6. Entry to an Event
Before entering a British Nordic Walking event, participants must enter/complete the following:

6.1 Entry Form
6.2 Accept terms and Conditions
6.3 Personal details on reverse of the Event Bib Number (issued at Registration)
7. Event Results
7.1 Event results will be published on the British Nordic Walking website.

8. Withdrawal from an Event.

It is expected that all participants enter an event having adequately prepared to successfully complete the distance to which they have entered. If a participant retires they must ensure that they report to the finish and return their timing chip to one of the Finish Officials.

9. A participant will be disqualified if they:

9.1 Fail to keep to the Course
9.2 Fail to follow the specific directions of a Marshall
9.3 Verbally or physically abuse any official or other participant
9.4 Behave in a disorderly or inappropriate manner
10. British Nordic Walking reserves the right to cancel the Event and retain the entry fee to cover costs incurred.

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