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The Nordic Walking Physio


My love for Nordic walking started over 10 years ago, after being introduced to it by my mother (who had recently discovered Nordic walking and became a Nordic walking instructor). After falling in love with the benefits of this form of exercise I also took the step to become an instructor in 2013 whilst studying a BSc in Clinical Exercise Science at Bournemouth University. What’s not to love about a sport that involves keeping fit whilst exploring new places, being outside with nature and socialising all at the same time! During my time at University, I taught Nordic walking lessons in the community to spread the word on all the amazing benefits. Due to my interest in Nordic walking, I completed my dissertation on researching the cardiovascular effects of Nordic walking compared with the rate of perceived exertion. Following completing my degree and obtaining a first class honours, I returned to Norwich where my mum and I collaborated in teaching and leading Nordic walking.

 Annie Draper - the Nordic Walking Physio

Unfortunately in 2018, my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour which led to my mum stopping her work as a Nordic walking instructor in order to care for him. It was around the same time, I started an MSc in Physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia, resulting in myself stopping due to timetable clashes and placements away. My love and interest for Nordic walking never faded and I continued to Nordic walk in my spare time and completed a second dissertation on researching the benefits of Nordic walking and Musculoskeletal injuries.


Following graduating with a first class degree in Physiotherapy, I joined the NHS as a full-time Physiotherapist. In 2022, I chose to specialise in Musculoskeletal injuries and Pelvic and Maternal Health. It was during this time, I was able to see how much Nordic walking would benefit many of my patients which reignited my passion for wanting to spread the word of Nordic walking. Therefore, I reduced my NHS hours and restarted teaching Nordic walking lessons and leading a group walk in the local area.


In 2023, I completed the British Nordic walking instructor course. I am up to date with the advancements in Nordic walking and confident and competent teaching the INWA technique.


I am so excited to be back teaching regular Nordic walking classes, merging my expertise in Physiotherapy with this fantastic activity!



What’s on offer?

· Learn to Nordic walk using the INWA 10 step method (1:1 or in a small group of up to 6 people)

· Nordic walking refresher sessions

· Weekly group walk on Wednesdays at 09:30

· Regular coffee stop walks


Contact details

Telephone: 07777495493


Facebook: The Nordic Walking Physio


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