Anne Williams



Anne is based in Peterlee, County Durham.  Nordic Walking takes place in and around Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve.

What's on offer?

* Courses of 4, once weekly, 1 hour technique building sessions.

* Weekly 60 - 90 min Nordic Walks - Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

* One-to-one sessions. * Occasional 'Away Walks' taking us to other locations, e.g. beach walks.

* Nordic poles are provided.

* If you have a small group of friends or colleagues who would like to complete training   and walk together but would prefer an alternative day/time or location, please get in touch. * Booking essential

About Anne

My Story

Already a guided walk leader on the reserve I had the opportunity to become involved in Nordic Walking and eventually train as an instructor for British Nordic Walking.  My love of the outdoors, the nature reserve and with a real desire to get fit and keep fit and active…..and all by using poles in a specific way?….I was smitten.

As importantly now is being able to share this amazing way of keeping fit with others regardless of age or individual fitness goals.  The ultimate green exercise.

Get in contact

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General Information

British Nordic Walking Instructors are qualified members of INWA, the International Nordic Walking Federation. There are Nordic Walking instructors all over the UK offering everything from Nordic Walking classes, Learn to Nordic Walk workshops, Nordic Walking days out, Nordic walking holidays, personal training, one to one Nordic Walking sessions, to community Nordic Walking groups. British Nordic Walking requires all its instructors to stay up to date with their qualifications so you can be assured of a positive experience with any of our Instructors. Our instructors teach using the INWA 10 step method of learning Nordic Walking, an easy to follow progression to help you master the technique of Nordic Walking. Many of our instructors are also Exel pole retailers and can help you to source and get the right Nordic walking pole for you.


Our courses