Allyson Irvine

LimbPower- Trent Nordic Walking

About me:

I am a volunteer for LimbPower and the Limb Centre at City Hospital Nottingham, the Group LimbPower try to get many of us amputees to keep active and this is one way of helping with balance and keeping fit and healthy .  

I am an instructor for British Nordic Walking with double below knee amputees which has helped a great deal with my walking and health. 

What I offer:

I have a small group Trent Nordic Walking & there are some with mobility problems & some have got some underlying health issues & so I understand that many of you who would like to get healthy and think that walking is not for you, why don't you come along for a free session & see if it's for you? I don't do vigorous walks, just gentle walks & at the beginning of each session we do warm-up exercises which again helps maintain you keep you healthy & fit .

Please contact me for my session details .

Contact details

Tel:   07908021490

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