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A Nordic Walk for those who would like a slower paced walk but gain some of the benefits of ‘walking the Nordic Way’. Feel you might be left behind, slow others down, can’t take the pace? Perhaps you live with a chronic illness which slows you down or makes walking less easy? Then you might want to try a Nordic Walk in the country side, in a park, which is designed for those who want a gentle walk to stay active, even become more active, where you can meet people socialise and have fun.


Alison qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor in August 2017, and is working as a volunteer instructor with British Nordic Walking. Projects have introduced her to the needs of a range of people who might feel the challenge of a fast paced walk with people they perceive fitter than them too daunting. Experience walking with people with below knee amputations, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension and heart disease, diabetes, depressive symptoms or just the joint problems  that come with getting that little bit older has identified the need for some to introduce a Nordic Walk which takes things at a slower pace. It’s best if people check with  their GP’S that Nordic Walking is a suitable option to stay active then why not come along for a taster, learn the technique and then join an organised walk. Poles are provided all you need is a sensible pair of shoes (not sandals) and clothing suited to the weather conditions.

Tasters are free (20 minutes), learning technique takes a couple or so training sessions, 30 a 40 minutes (£12), and organised group walks occur weekly, 40-45 minutes approximately (£6)


Rushcliffe Country Park Friday 09.30 - 10.15

Attenborough Nature Reserve Wednesdays and Sundays 14.00 - 14.45.

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