20 things to do to celebrate 20 years of INWA

20 things to do to celebrate 20 years of INWA


2020 sees the 20th anniversary of the International Nordic Walking Federation and British Nordic Walking is encouraging all our Nordic Walkers to celebrate and spread the word.

How does the 20 things to do… challenge work?

Simply print off the form and tick off the items as you complete them. It’s as simple as that.

20 things to do… is a fun challenge that you can carry out throughout the year at your own pace, joining with others to meet the challenge is very much encouraged!

NOW WITH COVID-19-SENSITIVE ALTERNATIVES - Some of our original ideas have turned out to be a bit impractical thanks to social distancing and travel-related challenges. So we've added some other options - just pick your favourite 20 things from the list and you're set to complete the challenge.

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Do you get a reward for completing the 20 things to do… challenge?

It’s a fun challenge and your success is in your hands. We won’t be asking for proof that you have completed them all but if you’re happy with your performance you will be able to email a scan of your completed form to us (info@britishnordicwalking.org.uk) or post to British Nordic Walking CIC, New Hall Block 081, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Lane, Nottingham, NG11 8NS and we will be able to acknowledge your efforts in our online roll of honour.

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Spreading the Nordic Walking word through 20 things to do…

This is a great opportunity for us all to help spread the Nordic Walking word through social media. That’s why we’re asking you to share your videos and photos on the social media platforms of your choice and to send them through to us (info@britishnordicwalking.org.uk). Any videos or photos you send might be used by us on our website, social media or other publicity, as well as by INWA, so please make sure that everyone featured has consented to this use. It is all in a good cause!

Feel free to use any of the recommended hashtags – this will enable us to keep share and engage with your posts.

#INWA20Years  #BritNW  #WeAreNordicWalking

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