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British Nordic Walking

Nature Notes - an Online Workshop

Nature Notes - an Online Workshop

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This online workshop will help BNW Instructors/Leaders to develop knowledge and appreciation of British flora (wild flowering plants), and the plant-human relationships which help to foster a greater connection with our natural world. It will help you to recognise and identify some common flora species, to understand their value to wildlife and biodiversity, and give you an appreciation of the historical and cultural value of plants to humans. The workshop will help you to engage with your groups (and friends, family, etc) on the subject matter and to foster a connection with nature, thus adding value to your walks.

Philippa Sanders aka Pipsticks
The workshop will be delivered by Philippa Sanders (Pipsticks Walks). Philippa has a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to the natural environment and landscape and is committed to sharing this through her walks and activities which include some special plant-lore themed walks throughout the year.
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