Who is British Nordic Walking?

British Nordic Walking isn't just about fitness; we're a movement driven by purpose. Run by Nordic Walkers for Nordic Walkers, this not-for-profit organisation emphasises community, accessibility, and proper Nordic Walking. 

By partnering with the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA), British Nordic Walking ensures the highest standards of technique and safety. This collaboration also opens doors to a global community of enthusiasts, fostering connections beyond borders. Our expert Instructors will help you make the most of your Nordic Walking so that you get the best workout and posture for you.

Operating on a not-for-profit basis means British Nordic Walking prioritises inclusivity and education over profits. Through workshops, events, and instructor training programs, we spread awareness about the benefits of Nordic walking while ensuring participants learn the best techniques for maximum effectiveness.

In a world where commercial interests often overshadow genuine intent, British Nordic Walking shines as a beacon of integrity. It's not just about walking; it's about walking with purpose – towards a healthier, more connected world. Find out more about Nordic Walking by subscribing to our Nordic Natter newsletter here 

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