Parkinson's UK Nordic Walking project

Parkinson's UK and British Nordic WalkingBritish Nordic Walking is delighted to be working with Parkinson's UK to deliver a very special opportunity to people affected by Parkinson's. Thanks to funding from The Fore, we have been able to recruit and train volunteers, to become certified Nordic Walking Instructors, as part of a 3-year project.  The project is currently running in the East Midlands with expansion into the West Midlands in 2020. 

Each volunteer has been through the training for a British Nordic Walking INWA instructor and completed first aid training. All have personal experience of Parkinson's. This gives them an understanding of the impact that Parkinson's can have on everyday life. Helping to offer you a supportive and Parkinson's aware learning experience.  

Their role is to tell people living with Parkinson’s more about Nordic Walking and the many benefits it can bring.  They can: 

  • Help you try Nordic Walking for the first time,
  • Show you how to maximise the benefits to support your Parkinson's.
  • Give you on going coaching to help you get the most out of your Nordic Walking.

Benefits to Health of Nordic Walking Walking in itself is great for your overall health, improving your body’s use of the heart and lungs, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and helping blood sugar regulation.    

Nordic Walking in particular can help you maintain a better posture and keep you more upright. At the same time, taking longer strides can gently stretch your limbs and keep your body rotated, which can help you loosen up and improve your coordination.    

If you feel that you tend to walk slower and take smaller steps, Nordic walking creates a steady beat to improve your pace. It can also make exercise fun and social when done in a group. 

Read more about the benefits of Nordic Walking for people living with Parkinson’s. 

Nordic walking is something that anyone can try and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes range from gentle walks to full-on workouts.  

“I think it’s an excellent activity to help with specific Parkinson’s problems. For me it’s helped with restoring what had become very poor and often absent arm swing, making my shoulders move, having developed very reduced shoulder movement and maintaining heel-toe foot movement preventing a shuffling action.”  

Our project in action in Leicestershire...

If you are in the East Midlands, you can contact our volunteers directly to chat about your needs, and any queries or questions that you have.  

Barbara Mawbey
07732 115411
Covers a 30-miles radius from Swadlincote (Derbyshire). Her area of travel can roughly be mapped as far north as Matlock, south as Tamworth, east as Arnold and west as Uttoxeter

Bel Quigley
Covers North Nottinghamshire and into West Lincolnshire

Sarah McCracken
Covers 10-mile radius of Nottingham city

Sue Mutlow
07785 584793
Covers Northamptonshire 

Colin Fletcher 
Covers Leicestershire 

Juliette Smart
07900 167764
Covers Stanton under Bardon near Markfield, including South Derbyshire up to Chesterfield, Baslow, Bakewell, Matlock, Castleton/Edale, Buxton, Ilam, Ashbourne, Melbourne and Repton. Cover can also be provided to North West Leicestershire 

If you have any specific queries about this project please contact Katie Smith (Area Development Manager – East Midlands) on 0344 225 9863 or email

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