Nordic Walking and Wellness

Preliminary findings from research carried out during 2019 into Nordic Walking and Wellness has shown some interesting results. 

The sample of 410 Nordic Walkers from throughout the UK ranged in age with: 

  • 13% aged 20-49
  • 28% aged 50-59
  • 40% aged 60-69
  • 19% aged 70+ 

An impressive 88% were in good or very good health which is higher than for the general adult population at 81%. 

The Nordic Walkers took part in Nordic Walking between less than once per week to every day with an average participation rate of 2.5 times a week. They had been part of a Nordic Walking group for a wide range of times – from just one month to 14 years – with an average time of 3.6 years. 

Common benefits perceived from Nordic walking were: 

  • Increased fitness (65% of participants)
  • Social benefits (63%)
  • Improved health (62%)
  • Enhanced mental wellbeing (60%)
  • Management of weight (50%)
  • Spending time outdoors (78%)

Nordic Walking and WellnessUsing the well-respected Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale, it was determined that the Nordic Walkers had a score of 53, above that known for the general population which scores 50. The score was positively related to enjoyment of Nordic Walking and to the perceived cohesion of the Nordic walking group. Group cohesion itself was positive related to the frequency of Nordic walking, the number of years involved in the group and group size. 

We could say we’re not entirely surprised by these results – after all, it’s easy for any regular Nordic Walker to relate to them. But it is good to know the research backs up our personal experience. 

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this study.

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