Just One Thing - Michael Mosley and Nordic Walking

Are you like Michael Mosley and think that poles are just for older people with mobility issues? 

We're delighted he's proved himself completely wrong! As part of his latest BBC podcast in the 'Just One Thing' series, he's found that it can help you burn more calories, use more muscles and improve quality of life - compared to ordinary walking. And even better? Anyone can benefit, whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone just getting started.

 "Nordic Walking can get you fitter in the same amount of time as regular walking!" Dr Mosley explains to Jessica, who he persuades to have a go. Jessica was a little embarrassed at first, but found that she noticed a lot  more people using poles when she was out. And at the end of her weeks walking, Jessica was convinced Nordic Walking is something she'll stick to. 

"I feel great! I feel alive. It's like the benefit of going for a run, without actually running! I'll definitely continue..." she exudes. 

Although there are plenty of videos online, British Nordic Walking firmly believes that, along with learning anything new, you learn it best from a person. Our network of trained Nordic Walking Instructors can not only teach you the most effective technique, but also introduce you to local networks to make your walk social. "People come for the workout, but stay for the community." explains Derbyshire-based Instructor Rachel Davies. 


Like Dr Mosley's other podcasts, he had looked into the research about Nordic Walking to back up the impressive benefits. Dr Jennifer Reed, from Canada, found that Nordic Walking was more effective than HIIT training for patients with cardiac conditions  - see here. He also quoted some Italian research showing that Nordic Walking was more effective than walking at reducing body fat - see here.


If you'd like to learn more, and find a great way to boost your fitness in a relaxed and friendly fashion, find your local class here.


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