How to choose a Nordic Walking Class

Worried about joining a class of strangers? Bring a friend :)

Have you ever taken a class that left you feeling like you didn’t fit in? Have you tried a new type of exercise that you found stressful to learn? Nordic Walking is a gentle, full-body technique of walking which is fully inclusive. Suitable for people of various ages and abilities, it builds on your existing walking technique and takes it up a level. Due to its gentle nature, it is a highly sociable activity.  

A group of Nordic Walkers

But not all Nordic Walking is equal. Here is a list of things to take into consideration when looking for a class: 


Do they teach what you want to learn? Nordic Walking is a full-body workout that is gentle on the joints. Your INWA accredited instructor will be able to help you get the best results. Check with instructors what types of classes they run; beginners only, slow classes, longer walks, challenges.  


How far will you have to travel? Instructors often run several classes at different locations. Check our directory – by speaking to the closest instructor you’ll find out about all their sessions so you can find the most convenient for you.  


Are they approachable? It’s important to find an instructor who makes you feel comfortable and makes it easy for you to approach them with your questions. An Instructor who shows up early, takes the time to greet their students and stays a few minutes after class to answer questions shows that they care.  Our Instructors sign a professional Code of Conduct, this means you know you'll get a fabulous session!


What did their Nordic Walking education consist of?  Not all training courses are the same. Becoming an INWA accredited Instructor shows you understand the most effective technique and how to get the most from your poles. Nordic Walking is a continuous practice, the more you train the more you learn. That is also the case for our instructors.  


Are they a Member of British Nordic Walking? British Nordic Walking Instructors teach using the internationally renowned 10 Step Method. This means they are best placed to teach you the most effective Nordic Walking technique, so you get the most benefit. Members follow the BNW Code of Conduct, which ensures they are professional in all their dealings with clients, will teach the correct Nordic Walking technique and will run all their Nordic Walking activities safely.  


Do I need my own poles?  Most Instructors will provide poles for your taster and introductory sessions. They can also advise you on getting the best pair for you – so don’t worry about coming along empty handed! 

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