Award winning instructors and podcast!

We're delighted that our own Mary Tweed from Walking on Air and Nordic Walking East Anglia has been recognised for the fantastic work she has done to raise awareness of Nordic Walking and it's health benefits. Mary was nominated for Inspiration of the Year at this years Sports and Recreation Alliance national awards for providing instructors and clients with a way to connect during lockdown.

The free Walking on Air podcast was set up in 2020. Each week she interviewed an expert and focused on a different topic, from techniques for different terrains to conditions that can be improved by Nordic Walking. The podcast has helped to raise awareness of Nordic Walking as well as promote it to groups it could benefit such as those living with a long-term health condition such as Parkinson’s or M.S.

Mary has published 29 podcast episodes, with over 6,000 downloads, and plans to continue inspiring others through her conversations. Series three is now live!

"I'd like to thank all the amazing guests, who have generously shared their expertise with the Nordic Walking community over the last three series and to all of you listeners for your fantastic support, encouragement and positive feedback," said a very humble Mary. 

Mary is pictured here accepting her award from HRH the Earl of Wessex alongside Catherine Hughes. 

If you haven't already listened to the podcast we'd really recommend it! Click on the link in the photo to get the details. 

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