ALison Clarke British Nordic Walking instructor

Alison Clarke talks about being a British Nordic Walking instructor

Nordic Walking instructor, Alison Clarke, started as many Nordic Walkers do, as someone who was never a great exercise enthusiast. Following her retirement from a career in nursing, today she shares her knowledge, experience and keenness with other Nordic Walkers as a British Nordic Walking instructor. 

Alison Clarke British Nordic Walking instructor

Of her first experience learning to Nordic Walk with Catherine Hughes, Alison says, "

"I didn’t feel judged, and I took to it like a duck to water."

And from there she's found that you don’t have to be the fittest athlete in the park to be a good instructor - what you need is patience, empathy, and the ability to relate to lots of different people.

Listen to Alison's story in this video, courtesy of This Girl Can Nottingham

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