Riikka Williams - Move Nordic



Move Nordic offers dynamic Nordic Walking in Surrey and Greater London. 

"I created Move Nordic to share my passion and knowledge of Nordic Walking, a unique full-body workout using 90% of muscles in the great outdoors - the perfect stress-busting and wellness combination.

My background in cross-country skiing and athletics led me into Nordic Walking and since qualifying as an instructor I have loved teaching this unique activity to others.

I’m proud to bring Move Nordic to people who want more out of their workout and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

If you want to move your whole body and burn more energy while enjoying the changing seasons around you, mindfully, then Move Nordic is for you."

Riikka Williams, Founder of Move Nordic

What’s on offer? 

Move Nordic offers 90min ‘Step by Step - Intro to Nordic Walking’ sessions as well as regular weekly and monthly walks. We also offer corporate Nordic Walking team building sessions and private bookings.

From time to time we have exciting collaboration events to really feel good about moving our bodies and connecting with nature.

More information and bookings through www.movenordic.co.uk. You will also find us on Instagram @move.nordic


Tel: 07957 323111

Email: Hello@movenordic.co.uk

Website: www.movenordic.co.uk