Philip Sheridan

Company Name: Discover Nordic Walking

About me:

Nordic walking instruction and guided walks around the Aire Valley. Based in Keighley, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Hi, I’ve recently retired from a range of roles teaching and facilitating various subjects at the School of Medicine, University of Leeds.

I’m a passionate outdoorsman with a lifetime of skills learnt from childhood and later with indigenous people as I hitchhiked around the world when I left school.

As someone living with a disability nordic walking has opened up the world to me. I think of it as four wheel drive for walking – it builds upper body strength, helps me with my balance, and takes pressure off my achy hips, knees and ankles.

I’ve studied and practised taijiquan, qigong, and other martial arts over 37 years and think they make the perfect compliment to a nordic walk.

In 2002, I survived a near fatal road accident leaving me badly injured and living with the eventual amputation of my right leg.

I regularly give guest lectures across the UK and I’m in demand as a speaker. I’m also coach and mentor, a published poet, blogger and writer.

I like picking up heavy things and helping offers stay strong for life as a British Weightlifting and GB Powerlifting Strength Coach.

I’m a Patron to VX Global – An inclusive sport for everyone

What’s on offer? 

At Discover Nordic Walking we share our love for the outdoors while helping people enjoy the benefits of Nordic Walking.

If you’re just starting out with nordic walking we can help you with nordic walking instruction and guided nordic walks.

We’ll also explore the wellness benefits of forest bathing and how the embodied movement art of qigong could be the perfect compliment to your nordic walks.

We aim to inspire confidence, help you have fun, learn new skills, make friends, improve your fitness and build strength for life.

Contact details

Telephone: 07528959091