Nicholas Morton

North Coast Nordic Walking

North Coast of Cornwall

What’s on offer?
Beginner and advanced Nordic walking workshops, and personal instruction that covers all ages and abilities. Regular walking groups based out of the picturesque villages on the North Coast of Cornwall. Guided Nordic walks that showcase the beauty of the North coast of Cornwall and surrounding area.

I am a Nordic walking instructor with a background in personal training, psychology and mental health. As part of a successful fitness business I run with my wife (follow me fitness) I run North Coast Nordic Walking providing the local community and holiday makers with quality instruction in Nordic walking technique. I first became interested in Nordic walking as an activity I could do with my wife to get us out of the gym and exploring, which it did and so much more. I regularly walk as part of my own physical practice and it is my go to recommendation for those returning from injury or looking to restart exercise after life has got in the way. What I love about Nordic Walking is it can be used to suit everybody whether you want low impact social walking or endurance sport walks that push you out of your comfort zone. I am proud to be an instructor and really consider it a privilege to be able to help others get involved in such a positive activity.

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