Lucy Crute Morris

aCMe Nordic Walking

What’s on Offer?
• Taster Sessions
• Beginners’ Course (6 sessions covering the INWA 10 steps)
• 1-2-1 sessions
PLUS (Once the basic technique has been mastered):
• Group walks - social walks, attendance is PAYG with ‘tweak your technique’ instruction offered and routes tailored to the group’s needs/requests
• Nordic Walkies – Nordic walking with your dog (how to make every dog walk count!)

All sessions are tailored to suit the needs of participants.
I use local parks and green spaces for most sessions. The basic technique is best taught on grass however, once the core skills have been mastered, we can extend walks beyond simple circuits and wander off to enjoy the area - including paths, walkways and pavements. My aim is to help people incorporate Nordic Walking into their daily lives so we look at what is available to them on a regular basis.
Development Plans:
o Longer walks and sessions further afield
o 'aCMe Nordic Walkers' Walking the Cannon Hill Park Run

About Lucy Crute Morris
I qualified as an INWA instructor in February 2017 and I am offering instruction in Harborne, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Lucy's story
I began Nordic Walking over 6 years ago. From the moment I picked up the poles it just felt right.  My background as a Physiotherapist may have helped but it really is an easy, instinctive and natural way to walk. By harnessing the upper body a simple walk becomes an effective whole body exercise whilst actually feeling easier than 'normal walking' - my body, particularly my legs and feet really miss the poles when I am not using them!
Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my passion with friends and family and decided it was time to take the next step and start officially teaching others.
I hope to inspire people and show them that exercising does not need to be a chore and you do not need to head to the hills to enjoy the benefits of regular walking. Simply pick up your poles and head out of the front door!
Nordic Walking can be as hard or as easy as you make it, the choice is yours - whether you want to get fit; stay fit; burn calories to help with weight loss or add a new cross-training activity to your current fitness regime. Best of all I have found it so easy to incorporate into daily life - if you are walking somewhere, you may as well Nordic Walk. Make every walk count!

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