Kev Brown

KEV BROWN  |  Nordic Walking Northampton


Kev is based in Northampton.

What's on offer?

Hi, I am a fully Qualified Nordic Walking Instructor. I offer Nordic Walking Classes for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I also do longer supervised walks from 3 miles upwards. I am fully insured and First Aid trained. I offer fun classes with plenty of laughter and as I have a Positive Mental Attitude learning this amazing sport is just about as much fun you can have outdoors with a couple of poles and as many like-minded friends as possible.

I hold classes throughout the Northampton area.  I have classes in the morning, afternoon, evenings and weekends, as well as group walks. So there should be something for everyone! 


About Kev

Hi I’m Kev from 378DOWN Nordic Walking. 378DOWN came about as that was my weight in lbs before I started Nordic Walking. I am now 332lbs and feel amazing. I had an accident at work 4 years ago and was incapacitated for virtually all of that time. I was on so much medication for the pain that I was like a zombie, and I rattled like a maraca when I could briefly stand for a few moments to attempt to walk a few metres. I was also struggling to do the everyday take for granted things like tying my laces or picking things up from the floor. I really was in a bad way and was also piling on the lbs and could not see a way to make things better, which was unusual for me as I was such a positive person before the accident. I had tried physio and had lumbar injections but all to no avail as my prolapsed discs and nerve damage had really taken its toll on my body. Then out of the blue a little old lady who was 90 years old who lived near my parents asked me if I had tried Nordic Walking. I had never heard of it so said I had tried everything but she said again have you tried it. I told her NO and said nothing will work as my back is shot and my only hope was surgery but faced with a 60/40 chance of never walking again was a scary prospect for me.  I had always been so active before my accident.  She told me all about it and where to get a set of poles so I thought in for a penny and I will give it a go, and all I can say is “WOW” my life changed overnight.  It was not easy to start with but I just went a little further each day until I could eventually do a mile. I came off all my pain medication and have lost nearly 3 and a half stones. I can now walk 10 miles which is a long way from the 10 metres I could do at the start of this journey. I was also so impressed with Nordic Walking that I contacted British Nordic Walking to become an Instructor as I felt this was too good a sport/activity to not pass on to others and I now have my own groups and as an ex Behaviour Specialist Teacher I just love being back doing what I do best Teaching and imparting wisdom to others, but now I get to do it outside in the fresh air and with my MOJO back intact just loving life again and all this from something as simple as Nordic Walking.

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General Information

British Nordic Walking Instructors are qualified members of INWA, the International Nordic Walking Federation. There are Nordic Walking instructors all over the UK offering everything from Nordic Walking classes, Learn to Nordic Walk workshops, Nordic Walking days out, Nordic walking holidays, personal training, one to one Nordic Walking sessions, to community Nordic Walking groups. British Nordic Walking requires all its instructors to stay up to date with their qualifications so you can be assured of a positive experience with any of our Instructors. Our instructors teach using the INWA 10 step method of learning Nordic Walking, an easy to follow progression to help you master the technique of Nordic Walking. Many of our instructors are also Exel pole retailers and can help you to source and get the right Nordic walking pole for you.