Exel Challenge Results | Rivington | Lancashire | 12 October 2019


We enjoyed dry sunny weather at Rivington this year.  There were many happy faces crossing the finish line at the end of the 5km and 10km Exel Challenge Event.  A big thank you to Eric, Katrina and all the volunteers who made the magic happen.  Especially to the fabulous Sea cadets who marshaled with such enthusiasm.  We hope you all enjoyed the homemade soup and bread in the cosy village hall. 

Here are your times.  We hope you enjoyed setting your own goals #MygoalMysuccess 

If you would like to tell us what got you into Nordic Walking, we'd love to hear from you.  Just drop us a short email to info@britishnordicwalking.org.uk

5 km
First Name Surname Team Name Timing
Jane Brownlow Hamish's Nordic Academy 55.56
Alison Clark Midlands Nordic Walking 1.09.21
Jane Cowie Midlands Nordic Walking 1.09.21
Marion Endt-Jones South Manchester Nordic Walkers 1.16.02
Rosemary Gadd Midlands Nordic Walking 48.20
Peter Gilman Nordic Walk-It 37.55
Janet Langan South Manchester Nordic Walkers 1.15.39
Jill Lingard Nordicfitplus 1.13.02
Marjorie McSweeney South Manchester Nordic Walkers 1.15.55
Winnie Moore South Manchester Nordic Walkers 1.16.04
Linda Moxon Midlands Nordic Walking 45.20
Peter Mullen South Manchester Nordic Walkers 1.16.04
Steve Powell Nordic Walk-It 43.08
Kevin Searle Nordic Walk-It 38.31
Jane Searle Nordic Walk-It 40.07
Patricia Steele Hamish's Nordic Academy 54.30
Patricia Walkden Hamish's Nordic Academy 54.30
Jean  Fenton South Manchester Nordic Walkers 55.56
Karen Jenkins Nordicwalk-It 42.26
10 km
First Name Surname Team Name Timing
Jennifer Andrew Staffordshire Nordic Walking 1.14.48
William Andrew Staffordshire Nordic Walking 1.10.43
Stephanie Banks Nordic Walking Saddleworth 1.26.37
Dale Cass Staffordshire Nordic Walking 1.10.54
Gareth Davies Staffordshire Nordic Walking 1.02.11
Marcus Easterling Bristol Nordic Walking 1.22.58
Noel Fletcher Hamish Willis Academy 1.11.19
Kathryn Fletcher Hamish Willis Academy 1.23.23
Andrea Smethurst Nordic Walking Saddleworth 1.26.36
Paula Waring   1.10.41