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Claire Beeton - St Neots Nordic Walking 


  • Free half hour taster sessions 
  • Regular weekly group walks 
  • Regular 'Learn to Nordic Walk' courses 
  • 1 to 1 'Learn to Nordic Walk' sessions 
  •  'Learn to Nordic Walk' courses run in conjunction with Let's Get Moving Cambridgshire 



I started Nordic Walking in January 2014 after enjoying a taster session with Theresa Saunders at the Bedford Women’s and Girls Sports Festival. 

Recognising that this could be the answer to my exercise prayers – an activity that would get me fit, keep me trim, and be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I immediately registered for an eight week ReActiv8 course and haven't looked back! 

 The benefits of walking with the poles were immediate.  My posture felt improved, chest open, my shoulders were no longer hunched and my core engaged.  The poles really helped me to lengthen my stride and propel me along, enabling me to get an excellent workout – I was soon able to cover up to four miles during an hour long walk.  All this whilst enjoying the fresh air, beautiful country side and company of all the lovely people that I met through North Beds Nordic Walking. 

Thanks to Theresa's suggestion that I might like to put my now speedy strides to good  use, leading walks for members who were looking for faster paced sessions, I completed the Nordic Walking UK Community Instructor Course in October 2014. 

Having enjoyed leading a number of fitness walks for those who want a good workout, aiming to cover between 3.5 and 4 mile routes, in 2018 began to establish my own group closed to home in St Neots. 

I qualified as a British Nordic Walking Instructor in June of 2019 and now lead  weekly walks in and around St Neots and the beautiful Greensand Ridge area. 

Anyone thinking that they may wish to try Nordic Walking but are unsure if it is for them, I run regular free half hour taster sessions and termly four week 'Learn to Nordic Walk' courses. 

Routes are planned with a series of loops and short cuts to allow walkers the to build up pace steadily without over exerting themselves or loosing technique.  I am always delighted to see new faces so please do not hesitate to come along to  taster session any time. 

Nordic Walking has been the most enjoyable, positive and life enhancing experience and I am excited to be part of the British Nordic Walking team. 

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